Marks’ Repair Pt 2: When You Don’t Know, Just Ask

Once I had fixed his bike, Mark went back to Norman and rode said motorized bicycle until he was offered $500 for it 2 weeks later. He sold the bike, then contacted me via email and asked about who I ordered my 49.5 and 66/80 cc engine kits through. Obligingly, I sent him a couple of links to my favorite e-bay suppliers and he ordered his first new kit to install on a bike he had already.

Problem was, the guy had almost absolutely no knowledge of the mechanical know-how that would be required for him to build the bike…

He told me that he did get the bike built in about 3 hours…just like the website said he could. But, take a look at some of the mistakes he made because he went blindly into something where he was trying to beat the clock….


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